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The Symplegades' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
The Symplegades

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Going On Hiatus [05 Jul 2006|12:35am]

Hello everyone!

This is Jamie (of course) your friendly mod2.0 and yes, I do exist.
And my first real appearance here brings you bittersweet news:

As of now www.the-symplegades.com is on hiatus until the end of August 2006.
Which means we're also closed for submissions till that time.

The reasoning: As many of you noticed the script we're using now is not really archive-friendly. We noticed that, too, but since neither Moony nor I are versed enough in PHP to turn it inside out and the world over to suit our needs we decided to throw the entire thing out and try a new one. 
Most likely we'll be using the eFiction script, which was made for archives and thus should make all our live easier.

Why the long break if you're just switching the script, you may wonder.
Well, we could certainly make it much quicker but just now Moony got a new job and I've got exams rolling around. And adding to that we want to make this good. We'll be busy doing all the little changes that will make The Symplegades unique (hopefully in a good way).

Since two months iss quite a long time to get lonely we'll endevour to keep you well updated on our progress.

We wish you all a merry summer,
your mods Jamie and Moony

[ETA: All stories archived or submitted until now will be saved and put up again as soon as we're back online.]

[22 Apr 2006|11:14am]

~Update Stories~
- Fresh Flowers by dotty23

- What Spring Brings by dotty23

~Admin Update~
Sorry for the slowness during the past week, while I was gone for holidays and stuck without internet access Jamie has been busy as well.

Thank you for the feedback Anne, I have been looking at the problems a moment ago.

As for the surveys, that problem has been solved. You should be able to comment now. As for the editing stories, if anyone wants to edit their stories for some kind of reason, either send us per email the edited story so we can put it up, or post it again and put in the story header that you are reposting it and would like it edited.

Now to the next topic, the finding stories problem.
We have been having some problems with that section, mainly because we want to sort the stories not by month but by topic (genre). We are some problems with php code, otherwise you can find all the stories under the 'your account' section.

I hope that was all, should there be any more problems, please comment here, send us an email, or send it to us per feedback.

Moony & Jamie

[10 Apr 2006|04:38pm]

~Updates from 10th until 16th of April~

10.04.06 - Recovery by dotty23

- Cold Hope by dotty23

- Locked out by dotty23

[03 Apr 2006|10:41pm]

~Updates from 23rd of March to 8th of April~

05.04.06 - Visitor by Ansku

03.04.06 - Feelings by Ansku

23.03.06 - Gone by Moongirl

This list will be actualized once new stories should be added. Every week there will be a new post with the weekly updates.

[14 Mar 2006|02:20pm]

The Symplegades is now open for archieving your Snarry stories. If you have any questions please check the FAQ , comment here or Owl us.

Happy posting!

Your Admins, Jamie and Moony

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